Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit Syria as a tourist?

Yes, you can explore Syria’s rich history and stunning landscapes as a tourist. With Syria’s reopening to tourists, we offer comprehensive Syria tour packages that handle everything from visa procurement with a local guide to ensuring a safe and immersive travel experience. Discover the ancient cities and vibrant culture of one of the Middle East’s most fascinating destinations. Learn more about our tours.

Is Syria safe now?

Absolutely! Our expertly crafted tours to Syria prioritize your safety, selecting routes that are secure and showcasing the peaceful and welcoming nature of Syrian cities. With our on-ground expertise, you can enjoy the beauty of Syria worry-free. See our safety guidelines.

Capturing Syria's Beauty: Photography Tips

Syria’s breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage are perfect for photography enthusiasts. While capturing memories, be mindful of restrictions at military checkpoints. Our guides are happy to advise on the best photo spots. Check out photo tips.

Navigating Money in Syria

Experience the affordability of Syria with our tips on currency exchange, cash essentials, and budgeting for your journey. Our Syria travel guide includes practical advice to ensure you enjoy the local cuisine and shopping, making the most out of your trip with just the right budget. Learn more about budgeting for your trip.

Currency Exchange & Financial Tips

From exchanging US dollars to budgeting for your trip, our guide provides all the information you need to navigate financial matters in Syria. Ensure a smooth journey by preparing cash in advance, as digital payments are not an option. Financial tips for travelers.

Welcoming All Nationalities

Our Syria tours are inclusive, offering visa assistance for a wide range of nationalities, including US citizens. Join us for an unforgettable journey through Syria’s historical and natural wonders. See visa requirements.

What's Included in Our Tours?

Our all-inclusive Syria travel packages offer a hassle-free experience, covering transport, accommodation, security clearance, and more. Enjoy the rich tapestry of Syrian history and culture with our knowledgeable guides. Explore tour inclusions.

Understanding Visa Costs

Visa costs vary by nationality, but our team ensures a seamless process at the border. Learn more about the visa application process and fees to plan your trip efficiently. Visa assistance and fees.

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